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Why, hello there, fellow world travelers. We are Michael & Trina, newlyweds who currently live in New York City. In the last few years, we have discovered a common love for travel. Unfortunately, we don’t get to do it as much as we’d like because of, you know, life. Many of our trips occur months apart, which actually ends up working out well since it gives us time to plan and save up for our vacations. 

We were talking during dinner one night, and realized how much time and effort we actually put into planning our trips. It is difficult finding already-made itineraries with activities that weren’t going to burn holes in our pockets, even with all the information readily available online. We have been making our own itineraries for years, and our trips have always been amazing. We meticulously research and map out our future trips which blossom into what we lovingly call our traveling routes. We decided to start a blog to share our itineraries in the hopes that all the planning that we do may help fellow travelers too. We will be attaching a PDF version of our itineraries with each blog post, which includes opening hours and admission fees to each place. Budgeting pre-travel is a big part of our planning process, because having a general idea of how much everything is keeps our costs down. We will also be creating links to hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations to let you easily make reservations and buy tickets, which keeps you from having to wait in line. We’ve designed our traveling routes based on opening hours and locations of these sites so you can avoid wasting your precious time going back and forth between neighborhoods. Some of the itineraries we’ve done also have walking directions from one site to the the next so you can avoid having overpriced transportation costs (i.e. taxis) or using data on your phone using Google Maps. Best of all, we’ve added tips and recommendations that we’ve found useful during our own travels. So go ahead, use our itineraries as your base plan and add or subtract stuff as you please. Knock yourself out! 

We would really love to hear from you guys if you use any of our itineraries at all during your trips. Email us at thetravelingroute@gmail.com


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